Virtual Art Paws 2020

Schedule – May Vary Depending on Participation

11:00 am      Virtual Art Paws is LIVE

11:05 am      Sit Means Sit – Ask the Trainer – Q and A

11:33 am      Best Dressed Pet Contest – Registration closes at 11:20am

11:48 am      Pet Evac Pak – Emergency Preparedness Lecture

12:05 pm      Owner/Pet Look-a-Like Contest – Registration closes at 11:50am

12:35 pm      Sit Means Sit – Walk the Dog

12:50 pm      Best Pet Trick or Artwork – Registration closes at 12:40pm

1:10 pm        Pro Dog Mom – Pet Sitting Discussion

1:19 pm        “Paw-Casso” Paw Painting Art Show – Did your dog leave a piece in 2019?

1:22 pm        Sit Means Sit – Live Training Demos

1:35 pm        Arts for All Nevada – Home Art Project Demo – Pet Collage

1:58 pm        Announce Raffle Winners and Say Good-Bye

*The above scheduled events will be held at these approximate times, dependent upon attendee participation.  In between events we will have visits to our virtual exhibit hall, sponsor shout-outs, silent auction and raffle prize information, music, additional contests and more!

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Art Paws 20 FinalRoar artwork.jpg